Electroforming is an art as much as a process. 

Growing metal on a non-conductive surface means that you can preserve the art of nature and convert it into a permanent object for your home.

The art of electroforming” is adjusting the plating solution, voltage and current to achieve a desired appearance.  

We design and preserve things from nature that will not decay and give you an exact replica with an artistic touch to bring to your home.

The electroforming process (the matrix) is solid copper. It can also be nickel, gold, or silver plated. 

On many of our items we treat the copper solution for a unique visual effect and in many cases we cover it with a clear, protective coating. 

We can also leave the surface uncoated if a natural patina is desired.

The electroforming process can take from one to five days to produce a satisfactory piece.

Vases, bowls and cups can be made of wax which is then coated with a compound and electroformed, producing a solid copper unit. 

This is a twist on the lost wax process.

We are also designing wall sconces using LED lighting, uniting the two aspects of life and energy. 

With our LED electroformed lighting fixtures you can have low energy and longevity in a custom light fixture.

To find out the details about electroforming you can go to Wikipedia, type in “electroforming”, and find out the technical aspects of producing a product.

Custom made or commissioned pieces can be ordered !